Saturday, September 30, 2006

St Meinrad goes Extreme

It appears that the sleepy little town of St. Meinrad Indiana is the sight of a future episode of the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC. This is the little town just down the hill from where I attend Gradual School. This is causing such a stir. You have to understand, this is a town that until just recently (and I am talking this month, when it finally reopened after being closed for years) didn't even boast a gas station/convenience store.

The campus newsletter says that there are monks and seminarians helping out on the build, and that they are using the Monastery kitchens to provide food for the workers. It will be really interesting to see this new house in a few weeks when I go down there for a visit. I am actually glad that I have a reason to go down there now, seeing as I don't have a class this semester. Mrangelmeg and I are planning to drive down for the day on the Friday of the next class weekend because they are having a gathering for Lay Students and Seminarians. My professor from Early Church History is going to be the guest speaker and I want mrangelmeg to experience Fr. Denis in element, preaching away like the Baptist he used to be.

You can watch the demolition here. Note the name of the street that the house is on, I have always gotten a chuckle out of that. In comparison to the other houses in town this new one will be a mansion. The next largest house in town after this one will be the Monastery guest house just up the hill.

I can't wait to see this episode and see if they show some of the grounds of the Abbey, they have to, it's right up the hill.


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Suzanne said...

I must be missing something...when will this air? I'd love to see this one. Suzanne