Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The New Addition . . .

The first two homilies from Deacon John were sent to me via email, and I posted them with his permission.

Since then I decided to cut out the middle man (or would that be middle woman in this case) and offered to have Deacon John sign on as one of the Regular contributors to this site so that when the spirit moves him to craft a homily he doesn't have to hope that I check my email on the day that he intended the homily to be given.

I think I may have just called myself lazy, but then since I am, I suppose that's okay.

Hopefully we will all get more homilies from Deacon John this way. I personally love his homilies. And if he decides to spout off about any other subject, heck even philosophy (we were inmates in Modern Philosophy class together this summer) he is welcome to post as often as he wishes.

Be nice to him, he may be ordained, but he is also a married man, and in my book that makes him okay.


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