Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Lesson I Need to Keep Relearning

Christina at Hot Caramel Sundae has an awesome post on Obedience.

This isn't something that I have never heard before, in fact this is a lesson I myself had to learn along the way. Somehow, here and now I am certain that I was meant to read her post because I need to remember that if we believe that God has lovingly placed us exactly where we belong at this moment, then every act of obedience to that state in life should be seen as a gift.

Mrangelmeg is a great example of this. He almost never complains he just gets things done. The rest of our family could learn great lessons from him when it comes to obedience to state in life.

My biggest hurdle in the present is energy level. I want to be more organized and to do more around the house, but as yet I am still not working at 100% energy level. There are still days when after I have done the carting around of kids, and a few small chores it is all I can do to stay awake. I still often nap in the afternoons.

I keep hoping to gain back that energy level that I used to have before I got sick, so that I can really tackle some of the major jobs around the house. I know that eventually I will get stronger as my body adjusts, at least I hope so.

What I need is a plan. I might not be able to tackle all the big jobs at once, but if the kids all helped I could probably do one small job every day, and eventually all the small jobs would add up to a completely organized house. Sunday afternoon I will sit the family down and we will write out a battle plan for getting the house in order. Right after my after church nap.


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Suzanne said...

This morning I opened a book by Anne Lamott called "Traveling Mercies." Have you read it? You might pick up...never mine...I'm half way through. ;) Anyway, after I put it down, (and don't take this as a cue NOT to read it), I had a big cry about ALOT of stuff...stuff about us and all we have to go through in life and if you want to call it feeling sorry for myself or any of us, go doesn't matter, cause I could not have controlled it if I wanted to ... it had to come. Anyway, think about your energy level also being affected by other things...and giving everyone in the family a little thing to do is right and fair and good and although having the perfect organized house isn't everything, there is something about everyone doing stuff together to make it homey kind of special...and if they know that it is helping their mom feel better, they love you and they'll be happy to do that...believe me, down deep they will as long as you aren't expecting them to make it look like Better Homes and Gardens! ;) Love you and lots of prayers...Suzanne