Tuesday, September 12, 2006

From The Management

If you are having trouble commenting . . .

ever since I changed over to Blogger beta, (which blogger seemed to need for me to do with such urgency) I have found that I have A LOT of difficulty posting comments on other people's blogs because blogger can't figure out if it wants my blogger sign in or my google sign in.

If you, as one of my two loyal readers, are having trouble commenting on my site you may choose another option which will allow you to comment. You may sign in as either "other" which allows you to specify your name and website address, or you may sign in as anonymous in which case please sign your post so I know who you are.

I am so sorry for this mix up. I am really beginning to wonder if the switch to beta was worth all of the trouble that I have found since I made it.



Suzanne said...

I hope others find you okay, like I do...eventually most everyone that has posted to me, has come around and the ones who haven't, I have not commented on lately, so I need to try to do that sometime soon...maybe that is part of it too.

IC said...

Yeah, you're right. We legacy bloggers are getting the shaft.

Sorry! We shall persevere. Technology willl not defeat us!!!

marco frisbee said...

Hmmm...I can't say I've had that problem on my patch of the blogosphere. I'd suggest using a free service such as Haloscan if that keeps up. It's done right by me!

Keep up the good work!

Rufus McCain said...

Second try. Got an error message the first time.

Rufus McCain said...

I comment, therefore I am.