Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Say Hello to an Angel

Our second daughter turned 18 yesterday. We took her to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. We had a wonderful conversation about movies (she is taking a class in Film Literature) and other things she is studying.
You have to understand that this is a huge achievement for her because she has a communication disorder, so conversations are a real struggle for her. She is a senior in high school and is struggling with her Sociology class and was actually able to tell us last night that she is having trouble with the way the questions on the assignments are formatted. We talked about steps she could take to alleviate her difficulties, such as talking to her teacher or asking her resource teacher to intercede and see if he can help to have her assignments modified before she gets a failing grade in the class.
I was so proud of her for being so mature about the situation. But why shouldn't she be mature, she is 18, she can vote in the next election. Because of her disability we have a hard time thinking of her as mature and capable. She really showed great maturity last night. Praise God.


Suzanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She looks so lovely in this photograph! This is so exciting and I am so happy for her too! I did NOT realize she has turned 18!!!! Gosh they are growing and I feel so old! Still, your kids make me feel so loved, welcomed, and young! :) Please tell her that I said..."Happy Birthday!" Give her a peck on the cheek for me.
May God bless her and help work out all of that she needs to continue her learning and maturing! Amen

The Ironic Catholic said...

It's wonderful to see your kids become adults with strong minds and hearts. Congrats!