Saturday, September 09, 2006

My First Week of Freedom

So, This week I have spent reading book I want to read. What a novel idea, to actually read a book with a plot for a change. I am also reading two books for fun while I am out and about (instead of having to lug a textbook or articles to read while I am waiting in line or wherever). I must say it has been really nice.

Sadly though I did spend a few days this week battling an ear and sinus infection on top of a cold I got from my kids, but thanks to my wonderful Dr. I am well on my way to good health now that I am taking decongestants and antibiotics and ear drops. Because of my cold though I had to miss my flute and piano lessons, I didn't want to infect my teacher.

We went to open house at the angelbaby's school on Thursday. I got to show mrangelmeg the Library where I spend my Friday mornings and introduce him to the Media Specialist.

RCIA began this week. I am so glad that my friend invited me to be a part of the RCIA process at her parish. I really would have missed it if I hadn't been involved at all.

So, you see, even though I am not in class I am hardly slowing down.


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Suzanne said...

Gosh its been a busy week and weekend and I just sat down to comment. I'm glad you are feeling better. I had what you had without ear pain. I know you didn't feel well! You are going to have to play for me sometime...even something little...I love it when people learn to play music and pick it up again. That shows they aren't quitters and enjoy such a gracious gift!
I still putter around with both of those instruments, but my flutes are N.A. Indian wooden flutes and I don't take lessons, although my daughter could show me alot! ;) Anyway, I'm also glad you are helping with RCIA and at the school. You know, I think God has you in a good place, angelmeg, well rounded and in spots that is keeping your life fruitful with God, family, friends, and you! :) Enjoy!