Tuesday, August 10, 2004

When Sleep Won't Come

After twenty years of sharing a bed, it can be really hard to get to sleep when my love is away. I find myself avoiding getting in bed because I know that I will toss and turn trying to find the equalibrium that only his counterweight on the other side of the matress provides.

It's pretty amazing the things that keep us together. Mr. angelmeg and I love the song "Happy to be Stuck with You" by Huey Lewis, because it said in a slightly comical way what we feel at times; lucky for us that the things like shared checkbooks that never quite balance, and lumpy matreses best slept in by two bodies keep us from going our separate ways.

I would stay up and think up more lyrical poetry about my love, my other half, my counterweight, but I have a meeting in the morning. Believe me, I don't want to be yawning in the faces of a room full of priests. It would not be taken in the proper context.

So off I go. The only thing that will help me to finally get to sleep is knowing that somehwere out there in this great big world, someone is trying to find the right curve in a hotel bed matress so that he can get to sleep without me by his side.

Ah, love. May God watch over me and he until we can again create the perfect balance, at least on the matress.


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