Sunday, August 15, 2004

Extending Family

Our oldest angel daughter will be leaving for College very soon, and one last time wanted to get our closest friends together for a meal. So we called around and set up a pitch in where everyone brings something to share and we grill burgers and talk and laugh and the house just bursts with joy.

It was so nice having these friends around us. They are closer than friends, they are family. A family God has chosen for us, and we are so appreciative. We can all be ourselves around them, we don't have to be Martha Stewart perfect with everything. And no one looks at the messes behind the closed doors.

I know that the angel daughter will miss these people as much as she misses her angel family, but in a way that is good because it guarantees that she will come back often to see them.

It is amazing how much joy one house can hold. We are very blessed.



Suzanne said...

You aren't the only one blessed! You are so right, Maggie, and
instead of making it a sentimental bittersweet gathering, which
would not be a bad thing in and of itself, I think it was a time just the way we all liked it - a house bursting with joy, laughter, and silliness. A time where we were all just ourselves
and I'm so glad that Katie asked for this little gathering again.
We will miss her but we will pray and wish her well as she takes her beauty, smile, gifts and talents to share with others. I hope she'll write us and let us know what all is going on in her life.
Thanks for another wonderful evening, Angelfamily! PS Don't forget to give her my email address! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Do let her know I wish I could have been there to share the day with her also, but I am glad to hear she was surrounded by others that love her! Give her a huge hug for me, and tell her I am praying for her, and always do. If she ever feels homesick, or lonely or lost there, tell her to call or write anytime, I'm always there for her. I am praying to St. Anthony to help her "find" some good friends quickly. :)