Monday, August 23, 2004


I looked around my office this morning and realized that I am probably the least organized person working in my field. My desk, really my entire office, is a mass of piles and boxes, and stacks and books, etc, etc. I am beginning to chip away at the disorganization, and it actually feels really good. But, I feel as though this task may be way over my head in terms of getting it right.

So, I have a plan: each day I will endeavor to work on streamlining one area of my job. I have given myself a month to get things so organized that I can find anything on the first try, and nothing gets lost in the mass of piles on my desk, which hopefully won't exist.

I am declaring this my goal. I will get organized, or die trying. I have to get organized, I just looked over the syllabi for my two classes this semester, and I will be working very hard to keep up in both classes. Unless I want a stress induced stay in the rubber room, I must get things in ship-shape order as quickly as possible.

As I have always told my children, how to do complete the largest task in your life? One step at a time.

Step one: admitting I have a problem and am powerless to overcome it without divine intervention.

I know that God is watching over me, and will guide my work. I can be at peace, and get through this without going to pieces, because God is with me.

So, I only have one final statement to make before I begin the monumental task of organizing my life's work. . . HELP!

Anybody? Can you hear me?

I bet if I asked for volunteers to organize my chocolate collection there would be a stampede toward my door.


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Suzanne said...

Somehow chocolate does entice one to desire to help a little easier! :) But, I cannot come to get your chocolate, so here is
my tid bit anyway for what it is worth.

Well, best wishes to you on your organization endeavors. If you
are a pack-rat like I used to be (an occasionally still am in a
couple of areas), you will most likely have no choice but to do
one of two things, keep everything just the way it is, or literally
toss out every paper that you just think you may need ONE more time, where if you are like me, the liklihood of needing that ONE
more paper never seems to return! Seems like there are always new ones that pop up just when I had decided to keep the first one.
The piles got so big, it took more time to locate the original type of paper or story or idea that I had held on to so long, that by the time I could have located it, it could litterally be supper time and I'd be exhausted and ready for a nap! It has happened on many occasions. So toss away, that is my advice. Toss it away,I say!~ Unless it is of the utmost importance and making sure it really is, I just would let it go. You'll be surprised at yourself! The only divine intervention you may need is someone to
help you carry everything to the dumpster! :)
PS Please note that I am only referring to true junk - not the wonderful things you write!!!! :)