Tuesday, August 17, 2004

One of Those Days

I love my job. It can be exciting, and rewarding and draining, and challenging, and disturbing, and just plain hard work. Today was one of those days when it was all of that and much more.

This was one of those days I wished could have been punctuated with fireworks like you get at the ballpark when someone makes a home run. BAM! KABLOOM! Something really great just happened. Why should ball players get all the great support?

I have one of those jobs where I wear a lot of hats. I never spent more than an hour doing any one specific part of my job, so I was constantly changing hats: at times it felt like I was juggling them.

As frustrating as that can be, today was one of those days when I was so aware of how awesome God is, and how carefully He watches over my work. God's answers came so immediately today that I didn't even have time to wonder how things were going to get done. When I looked back at my day before I left the office I had done so much more than I had ever expected to in one day.

The coolest thing was that I actually realized all day as I was working just how awesome this day was going to be. Each phone call, each personal conversation, each piece of paperwork was propelling my programs toward the event horizon where Kairos becomes my time, and all things happen as they are supposed to happen.

I love my job! Tomorrow everything could go horribly wrong and I will hate my job. But even at the end of a bad day, I can usually see how my bad day made it possible for God to do awesome work in someone else's life.

God is good, all the time!


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Suzanne said...

Hey! What a great day! Happy for you! Would you like me to mess up tomorrow? Hey, how about this one? In your spare time (yes!)
help me figure out how to help someone in prison who is searching for hope and Jesus and getting a fresh start (eventually - 6 years
give or take a few)wanting to know how come I belong to a church that connects up okay with the Freemasons to start a New World Order (not) and that is such an anti-woman kind of church (more not), and where Mary Magdalene was Jesus' lover (and most not).
This is not funny - this is serious, so quit laughing! So, like I said, I can keep you really busy tomorrow! :)