Sunday, August 29, 2004

End of Summer Tale

School has begun for my children, so summer must be over. If that is true why am I sitting here contemplating my final weekend of my summer school class? And if summer is over on Sunday afternoon when my class is over, then what does that mean for Labor Day, which is still a week away? Isn't that supposed to be the final summer weekend?

Technically summer isn't really over until September 21st. Then there is still the promise of Indian summer; warm summer like days in the midst of falling leaves and other signs of autumn. We all perceive summer as beginning and ending dependent upon our own lives.

This is a lot like the way we perceive God's grace, or God's action in the world. If one is more aware of God's action, then one perceives its abundance much more clearly than someone who doesn't know or has never had a personal experience of God's grace. Some can see God's grace very clearly in thier own lives and in the lives of those they know and love. Others can see God's grace, but explain it away as coincidence, or chance or dumb luck. Others can't see God's grace at all because they refuse to believe that there is a God.

I guess what I am trying to say is that summer is as long as you perceive it to be. If summer is what you love, then let it linger; enjoy and extend it. See it all around you in its many forms.

See God's grace in the same way: be aware and keep it with you.



Suzanne said...

Will do (keep God's Grace with me) - it is a must especially with
this new school week beginning. Good Musing.

Lynn said...

I like summer a lot. Thanks, for the reminder that there is still lots of time left for adventure and enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose my perception is not as clear as some. Last I checked, it was not too summerish here, but then again I am in Alaska so that is to be expected. I guess in some ways I can still appreciate the "summer" here. It is still light out, during the day anyway, and I can see the road and the sidewalks, since the snow is still a couple of months away. Either way, I would give a lot to be sitting back home where it is warm enought to wear shorts and play in the sprinkler.

"In the midst of winter, I finally found within me lay an invinsible summer" (I can't remember the author of this quote, I'll check and get back to you on that) I just put that up because your blog reminded me of that quote for some reason.

Here's to a never-ending summer!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the quote Maria. I will post that up over my desk.