Friday, August 13, 2004

Olympic Spirit

Was it just me, or was Bob Costas having a really hard time keeping it together by the end of the parade of athletes? Some of these countries spend the equivalent of ten years salary to send three athletes and he makes jokes about their color scheme!

I love the Olympics, the first one I remember is the '68 games in Mexico City, and then '72 when Mark Spitz tore up the pool, but what a sad year that was. I love to watch all the sports, even Badminton; those shuttle cocks can really fly.

We have our favorites, but we also look for that amazing athlete who has a personal best and still comes in 35th. This year we are so excited about the Afghanistan Women, Go Girl Power!

The next 14 days will be so overloaded with Olympic spirit at our house. The Medal count will be the first thing the angel kids look at in the paper, edging out the comics for two whole weeks.

My prayer this year is that all politics is kept outside the games. We saw a good start of this when Korea marched in the parade of athletes as one unified Country.

All I have to say is “let the Games begin”, and may God watch over all the athletes.


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Suzanne said...

Totally agree! Peace and prayers for all of those young people!