Friday, August 20, 2004

They will still outnumber us four to two

Tomorrow we will pack up our van, and our oldest daughter's car and help her move into her dorm at college. This will be the first of our children to live away from us. While we are a little sad, in a way we are improving our odds around here.

Our son's ambition is to move out before he turns 30, so we are looking at at least ten more years with him. Our other angel girls all have some schooling left, two are in high school and one still just in second grade. If they all go off to college, then we will be looking at sending the angel baby to college in 2015, abut the time our son finally gets himself his own apartment.

I have always wanted my children to know that faithfulness to God's plan for their lives is much more important than earthly success. Our oldest daughter has chosen to study theater. I think Mr angelmeg would prefer her to go into something a bit more stable, but I realize that she can only be who God wants her to be if she is faithful to his plan and uses the gifts He gave her.

So, Mr angelmeg and I will be sad tomorrow, and then we will return home to our four other hungry, fighting offspring and realize it just doesn’t make that much difference.

Only kidding. We will really miss her. She helped drive her brother and sisters around.


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Suzanne said...

You silly! I know you're kiddin - you ain't fooling nobody!
I know you're gonna miss that sweetie cakes of yours. I wonder if by now she is pinching herself and thinking,
"Am I really going to college already?" I remember the
morning after I got married, looking at my wedding band
before I arose from bed and thinking, "Oh my! What did I
just REALLY do?" Ha! It's a shocker to grow up, ain't it? :)