Thursday, August 19, 2004


I am having a hard time thinking today. I am so overtired from the unrelenting hot and muggy weather, and I just can't seem to rub two brain cells together with enough energy to process anything.

I call days like this "thinking optional" days. For most of the day I felt as if I was just going through the motions, doing what I had to do to get through the day, but without the energy and spirit that I usually expend. I realize now that some of my problem today came from a distinct lack of energy that was generated in a meeting I attended. It is hard to keep up ones spirits when others are very negative.

As I look back over the day I see four very bright spots:

One was my prayer time with my prayer partner. We meet once a week and go over our previous week and see how we have been obedient to God and where we were able to bring God's love to others. This short period of time each week has become so important to me. I can't imagine not having that check in each week. In fact the past two weeks due to circumstances we didn't get to meet and I know I missed it a lot. I got to hold my friends lovely baby daughter for a while too. I love babies so much.

The second came from three different women who all talked to me this afternoon, and each one in her own way gave me hope, and a glimpse of a future not yet in focus. I will be forever grateful for those three short conversations, each lasting less than five minutes, but each so important to my ministry and to me personally.

The third flash of inspiration came just before and then during Mass today. Prior to Mass I talked to a woman on the phone who really helped me to set the direction of one program at the church where I work. I have been struggling for nearly three years trying to figure out how to do something, and I think after the phone conversation tonight I am on the right track finally. Then at Mass I saw a young couple I haven't seen in about a month. It was very nice to see them, and I was reminded how important our new young adult ministry is going to be.

The fourth was the monthly meeting of Catholic Women in Faith, a group at the church. It wasn't just seeing all of these wonderful women, and hearing of their journey's of faith, it was also knowing that I was in the right place, doing the right thing. There was so much wisdom in that room.

So, I end the day looking back over one negative spot in an otherwise exceptional day. I need to work on not allowing someone else’s negativity to sap my strength, that happens all to often to me. I need to trust more in the Lord, and learn to let go of the bad feelings and energy drainers as quickly as I can.



Suzanne said...

In the famous words of Mark Twain, "There ain't no way to find out why a snorer can't hear himself snore."

Some of us notice our faults too easily and admit them to readily
and some can sit in a room all day with themselves and others and never get it - some people live for negativity.

I only hope I get a little uncomfortable with myself at least every
now and again! You know?

Good post and so glad that the power of prayer and faith were your heroes by the closure of this day! :)

Anonymous said...

Mom said it well! Good post, I agree, we have to concentrate on the positive, rather than the negative!