Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Truth about Men and Women

While I don't ascribe to the maxim that men and women are from two different planets, there are some very fundamental differences in the way men and women look at the world that cannot be ignored. I would just like to share a few questions and comments that you might like to ponder as you go through your day:

Why is it that when a woman exercises, she will cover herself from head to toe if she feels she has an ounce of fat on her body, but a man no matter what shape he is in will strip his shirt off for all the world to see if he happens to be on the "skins" side of a basketball game?

Why is it that men feel compelled to tell each other what gas mileage they got on their last tank, but get upset that women discuss the cost of their newset dress?

Have you ever gotten driving directions from a man? They tell you to turn right exactly 2.2 miles from the intersection of such and such street and the other street and continue on till you come to this cross street and then veer left for .4 miles till you reach the driveway of the place you are going. Women on the other hand will say, stay on the road you are on till you pass the Convenience store on the right and then at the next stopligt turn right. You will then drive through a really nice neighborhood with some beautiful flower gardens. When you have gone past the big stone house with the wisteria growing in the side yard you have to veer left toward the brick house with the Francis statue on the patio and then the driveway of the place you are going is right across the street from the fire station. Think about that for a while.

I heard once that men and women have different limits of words to use in any given day, with a man's limit being thousands of words fewer than a woman can use. So when your husband doesn't talk to you at night, don't take it personally, he may just have used up all his words at work that day.

What would posess a man to do yardwork (outside, for all the world to see) in clothing that is so falling apart that it barely leaves anything to the imagination. My guess is this is the same principle as in my first example.

Why is it that a man will drive around for blocks before he will admit that he either took a wrong turn or has no clue where he is?

I wish someone would tell me how to coexist with a man whose taste in music is alarmingly dissimilar to my own. Oh sorry, that one was meant as an internal musing, I didn't mean to print it, but if you have any ideas I am sure that mrangelmeg and I would be appreciative.

Do you know what though, God created us man and woman alike to live together loving each other despite and in some cases because of our differences. There must be some purpose in the grand design for the ways in which we relate to each other. I do know that when I am troubled and can't figure something out, I will let mrangelmeg think about it for a while and he comes up with a solution that I never would have seen. Maybe the eyes with which we see the clearest are not one set, but two pair.

So, God love them, and so do I. But please someone buy some jerseys for them to play basketball in.



Maria said...

I think I shall have to agree with you on this one for sure! Haha! Especially the part about how men have fewer words to use in a day than a woman. I never stopped to look at it that way, but it is so true for my husband! We are so different, men and women, but I suppose that is what attracts us to one another (and at the same time, drives us a little nutty!). Peace!


Suzanne said...

This is hilarious! I love it! You really have a gift. I know how to pick em and I saw this in you from the first time you ever allowed me to read what's in you! Thanks so much for this!
PS I love em too! I am talking about men, by the way! Most of em!