Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Night Madness

Colts 29

Jags 7

The pre-game buzz on ESPN was all about how badly the Jaguars dominated the game last year. You would think that the Colts hadn't done anything like, well, I don't know, WIN A SUPERBOWL and 10 games in a row since last January.

The Colts did what they do best last night; play pretty even football and not get flustered when things don't go their way. And boy did they have a lot of chances to not get flustered last night. Peyton who usually is pretty accurate went almost stone cold for an entire set of downs and later he even tossed an interception (his second this season).

The one Jacksonville TD came completely on rushing right after the start of the second half -- in the entire sequence of downs there wasn't a single pass. But the Colts defense made up for that little bauble, effectively shutting down the Jacksonville offense. The Jags never got within scoring distance the rest of the game.

The other thing I was sick of hearing last night was how great a Quarterback Tom Brady is. To be honest I could care less. If all it will take is for Peyton to get a few more rings to make those lunkheads at ESPN think that he is just as good if not better than Mr. Brady, all they have to do is wait a few years. In my book Mr. Manning already has it over Tom Brady in integrity and on and off the football field. Not to mention he can do a lot more than just pass the football.

Go Colts!

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