Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Faith must be free, reasonable, and tested . . .

So I came back from gradual school with the full intention of beginning the second essay of my final. I had even taken two books on the subject of faith and reason and eked out a bit of time to read through them on the weekend. I had the seed of an idea of how I wanted to begin the essay. On Sunday evening though. I was very tired and decided that I would go to bed early and begin the essay on Monday.

I got up Monday morning feeling slightly queasy (slightly my eye, I hadn't felt that queasy since the last time I was pregnant). I got up, showered and prepared to go to the angelbaby's school where I am a media center volunteer on Mondays. By the time I actually got to school I knew that it wasn't going to go away, I was really sick.

I felt really bad about leaving the librarian with all the work I normally do undone, but I really had no business being there, so I came home. Mrangelmeg hadn't yet left for work when I got back here, and he agreed that I looked pretty ragged. I put back on jammies and got into bed. I slept most of the morning away. I did wake up in time to realize that I probably needed to find out if middle daughter needed a ride home from school (sometimes her boyfriend brings her home on Mondays.) I called her cell phone and sure enough she was still at school, so I drove over to get her. As soon as we got back home I went right back to bed and didn't get back up again until late in the afternoon.

Mrangelmeg took care of dinner for the troops so I just had to heat up some chicken and rice soup for myself. I was totally wiped out all evening.

I am not much better today. I seem to have about an hour of sustainable energy before I am just totally drained. I have placed my books on the bed, (hoping either the information will seep in through osmosis, or in a fit of high energy I will pick one up and read a chapter or two).

I am praying that this flu will begin to subside pretty quickly. Mrangelmeg is gong on another business trip today and will be gone the rest of the week. I had better get some sleep before I have to pick up daughter from school.


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Mimi said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. Hugs.