Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now I am Really Done With Philosophy . . .

Because my never-ending Philosophy essay for my MA final is complete!

It was a horror story! just in time for Halloween, I tell you. Last week when I was doing the research I was flat on my back sick as a dog. This week when I was writing I kept writing and no matter how much I wrote it never seemed to get long enogh to reach the minimum length requirement. (believe me it is just barely eight pages which is the least I have to write and I am stopping NOW)

I was never so glad to see the bottom of a page in my life.

So, Now I move on to the Systematics essay for a professor I love and have taken two classes for and know exactly how to write. This one will just be a matter of pulling all the information together but I should be able to knock it together in about a week.

In the meantime I need to do a PowerPoint presentation on Deborah the Judge for the Women on the OT class I am auditing this semester. I can do that in a few days if I get right to it.

So I am way ahead of schedule so long as nothing weird happens (oh dang I wish I hadn't typed that, I am just asking for trouble.)



Mimi said...


Gashwin said...

Congrats! Say a Nunc dimittis! :)

I have some philosophy left. A bit, actually. I don't mind it though. :)

Kitchen Madonna said...

My philosphy is sitting on a shelf. I dust it off from time to time. Actually, I think about it while I am scrubbing the toilets. Jane Austin too. I put my liberal arts education to work!