Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Final is Killing Me . . .

I had some prescription issues so I went into my Dr.'s office today to see the Nurse Practitioner and get them resolved. (On a side note I got to see pictures of my Dr.s new baby boy, her fourth child-- she is on maternity leave for another month).

While I was there as part of normal charting they took my blood pressure and it is HIGH.

I am not kidding when I tell you that my blood pressure today was higher than I think it has ever been for me and it really gave me a fright.

It could be that I am not taking medications that I really need to take (they ran out and I just haven't had time to get them refilled -- though none of them are for blood pressure). It could just be that taking care of mom's needs and trying to get this final finished and taking care of family issues is just too much all at once, and as soon as things settle down my blood pressure will do the same. The problem is while I can count on it being the latter, I need to do something about the situation while I wait.

The NP said that I should use the same methods that the Dr. talked about for my borderline BP problems when I was quitting my job (diet, less salt, etc). I should start checking it every day again as well. I stopped checking it this summer when I went for a long time with normal readings.

Anyway I would appreciate some prayers for me that I make it through this final (and my mom's ongoing needs) without any detriment to my own health in the process. That would be really good.

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