Monday, October 29, 2007

Some Said It Couldn't be Done . . .

Colts 31

Panthers 7

Especially after the first 13 minutes of the game when Testerverde took Carolina on a 16 down run that ended in the first (and only, for them) score of the game. Our defense looked like it couldn't stop anything. And Vinnie looked like he was capable of playing with the big boys again.

Then after a very rough first quarter we got our game faces on and began to play. As I have said all season, the one thing they do really well is not get flustered when things aren't working the way they expect them to work, they just adjust their game.

It seemed like at first none of their receivers were catching anything, I am not sure if it was because they weren't used to playing outside, or because Marvin Harrison, who is Peyton's go-to-guy was out wasn't there, but passing just didn't seem to be working for them. Touchdowns came on rushing more often this game than other games. Although there were some spectacular catches in the second half.

The Colts always play much better in the second half. You can never count them out no matter how ragged their first half looks, because they get in the locker room and figure out what they need to readjust in their game strategy to make the second half go more smoothly.

They certainly dominated the second half of yesterday's game. I heard the announcer say that Carolina hadn't given up a 4th quarter point, that is until yesterday when the Colts scored a touchdown just after the start of the fourth quarter, and then again later on the the quarter.

Now they can focus on what everyone is calling "the game of the Century". All I can say is after everything that has been said about videotaping signals, and jamming headset transmissions I am certainly glad that we are playing this game at home and not in New England!

No Offense Mark.


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