Thursday, April 05, 2007

Takin' It To the Cross

Each year we have the blessing of the Triduum; three holy days that lead to our resurrection in Christ. We have the opportunity to leave everything we dislike about ourselves, all of our faults and failings at the foot of the cross so that Christ will take them upon Himself and die with them thus removing them forever from us. Then when Christ rises again on Easter a new creation we too can be a new creation, having left all of our faults with Christ on the Cross.

This type of living takes a great deal of faith in the abundant grace of a loving God who can make all things new, even sinful selfish things like us.

Are you willing to live in that promise and offer up all the crud and sludge of your life so that you can be created anew. This Holy Thursday when you see the reenactment of the washing of the feet, remember that Christ humbled himself to prepare the way for us. This Good Friday when you move forward to kiss the feet of the cross, in that moment leave all the refuse of your life there in that kiss. Offer all of the things you wish Christ to remove from your life as you reverence the Love that died for you.

And then on Easter morning we can all be new creations.

With God all things are possible.


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