Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Good Day

I came to visit mom today. This has been a good day. I thought I should take a few moments to count my blessings before I go to sleep.

1) mom remembered my name, when I came in the door she called me Maggie right away, I don't know if she was prompted by Tina, but even if she was she used my name a few more times today and it felt really good that she remembered my name.

2) we took a walk around her neighborhood. It was nice to get back outside again. She really likes to go out for short walks and I like to get her outside, but the weather has been so nasty the last few times that we haven't been able to do this. We had some wonderful conversation while we were on our walk too. I know she won't remember our conversation, but it was nice while it lasted.

3) she has had her sense of humor again, something that has been lacking over the last few months. I wonder if this is due to the new Alzheimer's medicine the Dr has her on. I hope she can keep it for a while.

4) she was fascinated by my IPod. She watched most of a video on it before she got bored. It was really fun watching her have fun with the technology.

5) We went out for Chinese food that tasted really good.

6) She let me help her with the self care activities that she has usually only wanted my sister to help her with. I like the fact that she is allowing me to help with these things since I am going to come and stay with her this summer. I need to get in the mode of doing for her.

So, Praise God for His many blessings.



Suzanne said...

You are precious to your mother!
She is precious to is evident!

Rufus McCain said...

I bought Ashley an iPod shortly after she started bedrest. She's downloaded the entire season of Grey's Anatomy. It's a pretty cool little device.

Btw, how goes the dancing angelmeg? Another little parallel thing going on here: I signed Ashley and I up for ballroom dance lessons for Christmas. The lessons were supposed to start the week she got put on bedrest, so that got put on the backburner. I'm hopeful that the lessons will teach her to follow my lead. Has that worked out with you and mrangelmeg? Are you following his lead more in the dance of life now, as God intended? (I'm only semi-unserious here.)

Rufus McCain said...

Grammar check: Ashley and me? Ashley and myself?

Unknown said...

mrangelmeg is the grammar guy in our relationship. I defer all grammar questions to him.

I am pretty much lost without his help. He has edited every paper I have submitted to gradual school, including my entry essay.