Monday, April 09, 2007

It's A Season Silly, Not Just a Sunday

I keep reminding my kids that Easter is a Season of the church year and not just a Sunday. Especially because our beloved and lately retired pastor used to breath a sigh of relief at the end of Easter Sunday Mass that Easter was Finally Over. Sheesh, where did that man go to Seminary I ask you?

Easter is a season, filled with celebrations and singing in the angelmeg household. I walk around singing Alleluia. Mostly because I haven't been able to use that word since before Ash Wednesday, but I sing it so often that the kids think I am a little off ( well even more off than usual.)

In honor of my Polish Nephew, and because the Knights are having a feast, we will be celebrating Dyngus Day this year. What is Dyngus day you ask? It is a day of merriment after the long fast of lent and the solemn celebration of Easter. It is often filled with pranks, and water. We refrain from that at the dinner of course, but my kids have already asked about stocking up on the American alternative, Silly String.
The other reason I like to celebrate Dyngus day is that it means another meal I neither have to cook or clean up after, which works for me! I only wish mrangelmeg weren't away on travel this week so that he could celebrate with us as he is the Knight in the family. Oh well our son is also a Knight and he will be our stand in "man of the house" tonight.
So, Happy Dyngus day to one and all and I hope you all celebrate the Season of Easter.

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