Monday, April 16, 2007

Mental Pause Moment #3: Hormones, drought or deluge

WARNING: This post deals with content of a very female nature. So men, you have been warned. I will not be offended if you choose to skip this one. I would love some input from my women friends though.

It appears as though as I maneuver through this land of preparation for mental pause I have come across an affliction that appears to affect every woman: for days you will have absolutely no interest whatsoever, and then with no warning you will be flooded with gushes of for lack of a better term for it uhm . . . hormonal energy.

It is absolutely bewildering to me. One week the most romantic environment in the world will evoke nothing more than a yawn from me. It's not that I don't want to be romantic, it's just that I have to really be forcefully reminded that I used to enjoy it.

Then the just as suddenly a few days later all that has to happen to get the old engine revving is for mrangelmeg to brush up against me as he passes me on his way down the hallway. It is as if I am set on slow burn or something.

It would help if this had anything at all to do with my cycle, but sadly I have tried to chart these "storms" and they don't come on any regular basis. I can go for months without it and then have weeks where I can't think of anything else.

I am sure in the times when I am feeling more "expressive" mrangelmeg has no complaints. I worry sometimes about the other times when it must get frustrating for him.

I am also very sure that mrangelmeg would be just as happy if there were some way to channel some of my excess energy into other areas, like maybe cleaning the house, or organizing my bedroom office and closet (two things I have been planning to do since I have been off classes these last two semesters but haven't yet gotten around to).

I am just praying that this too is one of those things that has "come to pass" and not come to stay. I will be fine so long as eventually this will all work itself out to some comfortable level of normality again. If anyone has encouraging words of wisdom for me I would appreciate them.



Suzanne said...

We could chat for hours, but the simple truth of the matter is, this is quite normal. Sorry I can't spice it up any better than that! LOL! Somedays Danny is probably going "ALLRIGHT, BABY!"
The next night, he might have to deal with two layers of flannel pjs only to find his bed sheets damp and his wife not very much clothed! It get purty funny...and THAT'S the key...a good sense of humor is what I highly reccomend for both of you. Kiss-kiss! :)

Suzanne said...

I mean that the night before this wife may have the pjs on and the next morning be partially clothed! Need to clear that up a bit! LOL!

Unknown said...

I find that I can't wear pj's much to speak of to bed because by the end of the night I am so overheated that I am sweating (which has nothing to do with being in the mood a'tall a'tall).

That probably makes things even more confusing for my dear husband.

That is another subject all together.

The sense of humor is a good point though. Without that where would we be?

Paul Stokell said...

Some frank reflections on a very human issue. I've years to go before the missus and I deal with that, fortunately.

Sounds like a "desert experience" all to itself. I'm sure more than one Catholic lady has drawn such a parallel.

How fascinating that a mere fraction of an ounce of chemicals can do such a thing, be it menopause or - to an extreme - mental illness. Smart as we humans are there is still much to learn...