Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Prayers Please

My older sister called today. She has been having back problems similar to the ones I had a few years ago. My foot would go numb and a shooting pain would go down my leg from my lower back. She is very scared, but was reassured that I had survived this problem with physical therapy and no surgery.

She is doing physical therapy right now and is improving but was hoping to see more improvement more quickly. I told her about what I had done and things to avoid and I think she felt better. I also told her I would pray for her. So I am sending up some prayers to St. Lawrence (Patron Saint of lumbago sufferers, close enough to back problems for me, )

So Larry, get to work helping my sister to feel at peace as she heals.

If all of my two loyal readers wouldn't mind adding Ann to your prayers too that would be awesome. She is a nominal Catholic with a very devout daughter, and I think if our prayers help it will really strengthen her faith.


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Suzanne said...

I will pray. I thank you for mentioning St. Lawrence...know another lady with severe back problems...can't hurt to mention him to her. God bless...Suz