Sunday, April 16, 2006

Welcome Home

Thanks to Owen, who created this wonderful logo, I can tell you all about the six people in the RCIA process at the parish where I work who entered the Church tonight at the Vigil ( I suppose technically it was last night since it is now after midnight).

They come from very different backgrounds and have different stories of how their faith journey led them to a small parish in south central Indiana. Some came from no faith tradition, some came having lived as committed Christians for years.

The one thing that they all had in common was an open heart to the still small voice of God that was calling them home. I am so blessed that in some small way I was allowed to walk with them over the last year as they prepared to make this leap of faith tonight.

So you see, while I did not enter the church tonight. Please say a prayer for your new brothers and sisters in Christ; Brian, Jeremy, Diana, Lisa, Emily and Bill. The newest members of the Lawrence County Catholic Community: St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Bedford Indiana.



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Suzanne said...

Welcome home, brothers and sisters!
It is such a blessed time!