Friday, April 14, 2006

Washing of Feet?

So I was sitting in Church last night at the parish where I work and in what had to be the most horribly staged drama of the entire Catholic world: after the end of the homily six Knights of Columbus in Tuxedos marched to the front of the Church to be the representative of the apostles so that Father could wash their feet. After duly having their feet washed they put back on their footwear (one sock and one shoe each) and then marched back to their seats in the back of church.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Knights per se. My devoted husband mrangelmeg is a 4th degree Knight and Past Grand Knight of our local Chapter. I totally support everything they stand for.

What I object to was:

1) the moving of the washing of the feet, from within the movement of the gospel to an afterthought, and

b) that 6 men in tux's is hardly representative of the church

I blame the fact that this was allowed to occur on the Knight who also happens to be the head Rubricist on our Liturgy committee. I don't have a problem with the washing of the feet being all men, so long as the men chosen come from all strata of parish life; young, old, working men, men in business suits, retirees. But to have to see 6 men in tuxedos as representative of "the parish" or "the apostles" just seemed somehow to be way too High Drama to me.

Their hearts were in the right place but they should have kept their street clothes on.



Mark Mossa, SJ said...

and . . .?

angelmeg said...

I just wanted to vent I guess.

Isn't that my perogative.

Suzanne said...

I with you in a way, I think.
I have a little problem with the plumes anyway! LOL! Ask Danny!
Maybe if they were guarding the Vatican it wouldn't bother me! LOL!
Anyway, this year Father Don requested only RCIA people and angelmeg, I welled up with was very very moving.