Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Trick is to Keep Moving . . .

even when you don't want to.

I woke up this morining feeling very out of sorts. Every arthritic joint in my young body was screaming with pain. It was raining outside -- wet weather and arthritis don't go well together I have found, especially cold wet mornings and just waking up arthritic joints.

I was laying in bed debating what strategy would be best. Should I ease out of bed and carefully move around for a while, or should I jump out and rapidly move about? The debate is a bit like which is the best way to remove a bandaide, slowly or quickly, either way hurts. Some people would rather take the big hurt right off the bat and get on with it. others would rather work up to a big hurt.

I would have rather stayed in bed, to be bluntly honest. But, since that wasn't a viable option, I said a quick prayer of thanksgiving that I was actually awake and breathing this fine wet morning, and chose the get up and get moving as quickly as possible tactic. I put on comfy clothes that didn't take buttoning or fastening, I even have slip on tennies, and went about the business of my morning. I even put in a few minutes of piano practice for good measure.

The trick now is to keep moving, as appealing as the bed looks right now, if I get back into bed and let my achy joints relax they will hurt all the more. I have to find things to keep myself busy this morning. (As if that will be hard to do, the Laundry pile is beginning to take over the laundry room again)

Thank you God for bringing the rain, that will water my garden and make the flowers beautiful. Any discomfort I might feel right now will be worth the beauty of my flowers.

And besides, my achy joints help me remember I am still alive, right?


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