Sunday, April 16, 2006

Vigil Moments

Fr. Jonathan sang the Exsultet at Mass tonight. What an awesome voice. It occurred to me as he was singing, "O happy fault," that I was connected to a tradition that stretches back centuries. Fr. was singing the words of St. Augustine.

I watched as possibly the last RCIA class I will ever be in charge of was welcomed into full communion. I kept trying to imagine what next Easter Vigil will be like. I can't imagine not having some small part in the RCIA. I will have to volunteer as a sponsor at my parish of worship simply to be included.

I love to watch the faces of the neophytes as they sit in rapt contemplation after receiving the Eucharist for the first time. Some are tearful, some are serene, some have a very far-away look in their eyes.

I feel as though the liturgy was beautiful. The music was truly amazing, and Fr. Jonathan doesn't just say the Mass, he truly prays it.

This may be the last Easter Vigil I have to fuss over like a mother hen, but it surely won't be the last I savor.

Christ is risen, Alleluia!
He is truly risen!


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