Friday, April 07, 2006


my sitemeter reached 7000 hits today. When I began posting on this blog in August of 2004 I never would have believed that someday there would have been 7000 hits to this site. Now for some of you who get hundreds of hits a day this may seem like a trivial thing, but for me this is an amazing achievement.

I write because I must, it is the only thing that keeps me sane. I share it because my spiritual director at the time asked me to allow others to share in the insights that I gained from contemplating on my relationship with God.

Thank you all for the gift of your time. I hope in some way I have amused or inspired you along the way.


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Suzanne said...

You have for sure! I didn't put a site meter on for a long time...didn't know how to. I have alot more hits than I ever thought
even since I did that. I would say alot are my own as I will go to start to write a post and have to go run and do something and come back and so I hit it a few times a day myself. Ha!