Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two Paths Diverge . . .

I have been watching God or the Girl on Arts & Entertainment Television Network. I have to say that I actually overall think it is a wonderful portrayal of the Church. It shows the discernment process of these four young men as a very positive experience for the most part.

I have a few problems with some of the way the choice is portrayed. For instance the narrator keeps referring to the choice of "the girl" as falling. As if to choose marriage is somehow a lesser vocational choice in the eyes of God than the priesthood. I for one do not find that to be the case. The Priesthood and marriage are equally holy vocations in the eyes of God. Men are called to each. If a man is called to marriage but chooses the priesthood he will never be fully actualized or realize the full potential of who he was created to be, because he has not listened carefully to God. The same is true for a man who is called to the priesthood, but chooses marriage instead for some reason (fear, misplaced loyalty, whatever).

I was a bit disappointed that Mike's mentor couldn't show some happiness that Mike chose marriage over the priesthood.

These episodes have really sparked some debate in my household. We have made our choices of which of the remaining three we hope will choose the priesthood. My daughters pretty much agree that Steve will be such a Fr. What-a-waste, but they have been deeply moved by his story.

We can't wait to see the final episode on Sunday evening.


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