Monday, April 24, 2006

If I am lucky . . . (God or the Girl Finale)

I watched the finale last night and I was really amazed. The journey of faith that each of these young men took was handled with grace. The church was shown in all its complexity, and the discernment process was shown for what it is, trying to listen for the still small voice of God amidst the tumult of the world.

I was happy to see that the choices that the young men made seemed to lead to a true sense of peace, because that should be the end product of good discernment; internal peace.

I was amazed at the confession of Steve, in front of his entire congregation. What a way to share your joy with those who have been a part of your life. For isn't it true that we cannot live our faith in isolation? Isn't that what all of the young men found? Mike found it in talking with the retired priest on his retreat, and in his relationship with Aly, and will find it in his teaching the children. Joe found it on his pilgrimage, and in his work at John Carol. Dan found it at Fort Zion and in his ministry work on campus. In a very profound way Steve found it with Fr. Jorge at the mission in Guatemala.

Gashwin has an awesome review of the finale on his blog. Check it out too.


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Suzanne said...

I really enjoyed this show. Shane watched it with me. :) I kept wondering what he thought, but I decided he'd talk if he wanted to.
At least he knows there are all kinds of guys out there with all kinds of "vocations" and that it is important that one spend alot of time with the Lord in trying to follow what the best path is for our lives. I hope and pray the best for those young men and thank them for sharing this with all of us.