Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sharing a Great New Resource

A few weeks ago, the day before I found out I was not going to be staying on at my parish I was attending a retreat and heard a presentation by a wonderful new voice in the world of Catholic motivational speakers. Her name is Becky Gaynor and what she said that day made all the difference in the world to me as I confronted the reality that I was actually going to have to leave the parish I had come to love and call my home away from home.

All weekend fear and doubt and unbelief came over me like waves as I tried to process the fact that my work at the parish was actually going to end, and with it, I thought, my self identity, Becky's words of strength and encouragement kept coming back to me. I realized that the skills that she spoke about in her presentation were mine to cling to, and call upon to give me hope and peace in a time when I was struggling to find my way through the present darkness that was not wholly of my own choosing.

Becky's presentation was imaginative and fun and filled with a love for the Church and God and the faith that we all share. I want to encourage anyone who lives in the Midwest and who is looking for someone to give a motivational speech or retreat talk or any other type of presentation to look into getting Becky to come to their venue. She is well worth the stipend.

I know that my life will forever be enriched by my experience with her. Since then I have been in email contact with her, and she has continued to pray with and for me and my concerns. Check out her new website , and keep her in mind for your next available booking.


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