Thursday, October 27, 2005


CAT Scan successfully survived. But nearly nine hours later I still have the most horrendous taste in my mouth. Can someone please tell me what will take that nasty taste away. I have tried everything from mint to chicken to spicy. Nothing seems to work.

The test went very well. I wasn't the least bit claustrophobic, but then I didn't have to be squeezed into the little tube as you do in an MRI, so that was nice. It also took a lot less time.

I do have a bit of a headache. I wonder if that is from not eating enough, not drinking enough water, or the contrast? Or maybe it is just the nice stressful work environment I am currently experiencing and has nothing at all to do with my test today.

I guess I will have to take something for the headache if I plan to sleep tonight.

The Mass readings were wonderful today. If God is for us, who can be against us.

I am too tired to do much of anything more but go to bed. Thanks for all the prayers guys.



Rick Lugari said...

Wishing you good results. Try drinking a pint of tequila, after a short while it will numb your taste buds or something...

Fr. Gaurav Shroff said...

Hey Angelmeg. I'll add you to my prayer list for sure. Peace!

Unknown said...


It will sure numb something, since even when I was young and wild I never drank an entire pint of tequila. But I will take that under advisement.


Thanks for the prayers, I can use all I can get these days.