Thursday, October 06, 2005

I am Off!

My Blog will be silent for the weekend as I go off for my annual retreat. This year a friend of mine and I are going to Bellarmine Hall a Jesuist Retreat House in Barrington IL. for a Silent Retreat.

Why do I hear the sound of laughing reverberating throughout the internet? It could happen! I could be silent for 40 hours. I could do it. a Guy from the RCIA team at Church actually asked if I meant 40 consecutive hours. He thought maybe he had heard me wrong.

Okay, it might actually take the ministerial use of duct tape to achieve an entire 40 hours of complete silence from me, but it is a worthy goal, right?

Mrangelmeg says I can't even call him on my cell phone to let him know that I got there okay, because that would be breaking the rules. I figure that if I call him from the privacy of my room then, oh I guess he's right, the cell phone will get locked in the car so that I don't feel the urge to even text message (do you realize hope expensive a text message is? What a racket!

So, from 7:00 Friday evening until Noon on Sunday I will be attempting a feet that will be quite unnatural for me, silence for an extended period of time. I am actually looking forward to this.

After 40 hours of silence I will either be enlightened or insane.


1 comment:

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

You can do it!

I'll return the favor and help pick up the slack on this end.:) I'll also remember you in prayer!

Bring some good spiritual reading. That helps you to be quiet also!