Tuesday, October 04, 2005


THIS ARTICLE was one of the first things I read this morning. Thanks to my Mark Shea fix. Now I am just MAD. What right do those Muslims have? And if they can do it in England will they be able to do that here too? Will we soon be a Piglet free society because it might "offend" our Muslim brothers and sisters? Sheesh, I say to them, grow some thicker skin, or look the other way. It isn't as if Piglet were out to be offensive to Muslim's.

I think we all need to be proactive in this country. We need to fill our work spaces with piglet dolls and Babe posters. I can see the day coming when my youngest daughter will not be forced to read Animal Farm in high school, just like her father and I were, unless we stand up against this silly tyrany.

I will be joining the crusade right here and now. Thanks to Mark.


Dan Kauffman said...

Odd isn't no outcry against images of dogs, which are considered FAR more unclean than pigs by a factor of 7.

Oh yes the Union Jack needs to go too, in the latest news.


Muslims Offended by English Flag

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I like piglet too, and I think this is all very silly. But are you overreacting a bit?

angelmeg said...

I think the Brittish Government overreacted. To ban Piglet because it might offend is just silly. I was hoping to show how silly it really is.