Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm OK You've Got to Be Kidding!

This is TOO FUNNY! I especially liked the Sacrament of Holy Odours and we tolerate you. Unfortunately, since I have been in initiation ministry I have heard some horror stories about some RCIA programs that were about this - uhm - experiential.

Thanks to my newest blog find Gashwin for pointing me in the right direction.

I agree this sounds a lot like something Jeff at the Curt Jester might have come up with.

Enjoy, but if you want an RCIA and a Parish with the real truth and real meat. Come to my place.



Hector said...

Hi Angelmeg, this is my first time visiting. First, I'm OK and I tolerate you...

This has to be a joke or some type of urban legend. There's no way a church could do that and say they are Catholic.... funny!

angelmeg said...

Hector, I sure hope it is a joke, but I am telling you, the longer I am in parish ministry, the less I wonder if something like this could be out there.

Just take a look at what passes for Catholic out in Taj Mahoney Land.

Gashwin said...

Hey Angelmeg -- thanks for the props to my blog :) And, gosh, I wish it were a joke -- I think there might be some folk out there who actually believe this stuff!

In Christ,