Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mid-term Mid-life Mid-sentence

This week I am in the middle of things. I am at Mid-life, (God willing I live to be 90 I suppose). I am at the mid-point of a very taxing semester of Gradual School, which has most of my fellow students and I pulling out our hair (what little some of us have, and you know who you are). I am even in the middle of my Mid-term exam, which is a take home and I just this afternoon completed half of the questions, woo hoo!

My work day was interrupted midway today by a funeral. I sang in a funeral choir this morning for an older member of our parish today and it really made me sad. The choir (all 9 of us) was by far larger than the group of family members who were there to mourn her. Oh well, I guess that is the essence of Christian Community. We come to bury our dead, even it it means singing Amazing Grace which we never got to finish, because the crowd was so small we only sang two verses.

I guess the point of this reflection is that somehow I feel incomplete this week. Even my daily prayers have felt somehow interrupted. Nothing feels as though it is all together. Perhaps when I finish the last two questions on my mid-term and get it posted off to Br. John Mark, I will feel a sense of accomplishment that will put a stamp on this week. I cannot say.

My prayer is, that something gets accomplished finally, because the midway-ness of this week is beginning to give me the creeps.


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