Friday, July 01, 2005

Why I Didn't Write My Essay Last Night: High Tech Excuse # 1

You see Professor, I have a good excuse why my paper isn't written yet. There was a storm last night. It was a really really bad storm. There was lightning and thunder and it would have been very dangerous to have used my computer which is hooked up to the internet in such a dangerous storm to write an essay.

Then I guess I could have used another non-internet connected computer to write my essay. But you see Professor, we live way out in the country. The electricity kept flickering on and off, and I was really concerned about using any computer plugged into an outlet to write my essay. What if my hard drive crashed because of a power surge. I just couldn't take a chance on that happening.

I could, I suppose, have used my laptop on battery power to write my essay. Except the last time I used my laptop I ran the battery down pretty low and I forgot to recharge the battery. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't have enough power to write my essay. So you see I just couldn't do it.

What's that you say? I could have written my essay with a pen and paper? You mean actually write it out long hand, without benefit of spell check and auto format? What are you nuts? Then I would have had to retype the entire essay all over again today. Last night it just didn't seem like it was worth the mental effort.

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