Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An Open Message To Reuters New Service:

Just because a group of Radical Feminists decide to go out for an afternoon pleasure cruise and do whatever it is those wacky women do when they get away from dry land, it DOESN'T MAKE THEM CATHOLIC PRIESTS.

I think your fact checker and your caption writer should be fired for this error in judgment. I can pretty confidently state that , it is not possible for women to be validly ordained priests in the Catholic Church, so no matter how earnestly these women tried to do whatever it was they were doing the fact remains THEY ARE NOT PRIESTS.

The best comment I have seen so far on this whole thing has to have been posted Maria Horvath on Amy Welborn's Open Book, and then copied by Tony at Catholic Pillow Fight

She deserves a check just for coming up with that quote!


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