Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Morning of Unvarnished Truth . . .

brought to me by my autistic son and a mirror.

This hot muggy central Indiana summer weather has really gotten to me. Add to that no air conditioning in my present mode of transportation, and you get one really miserable pre-menopausal woman these days. Trust me when I tell you no amount of offering it up has helped me through this last couple of weeks around here.

Yesterday was really nasty. I had to return to work around 4 pm. My commute to work is a nice little 30 minute commute, and any other time of the year I can hardly believe how quickly the time goes. Yesterday when I was trying to drive in the heat of the afternoon in a non-air-conditioned car with black interior it felt as though it was about 600 degrees inside my car. I was so worried that I was going to fall asleep, midafternoon being my lowest biorhythm time of day anyway. I was never so happy to see the turnoff into the town where I work.

When I finally got home last night it wasn't much better. At least work and home are air conditioned. But the changing from no air to air to no air to air does something else to me and I had a miserable night of sleep. I tossed and turned all night and had really bad dreams. When I woke up this mornings I felt horrible and had intended to sleep in until I realized that my son would need a ride to work.

So, I got out of bed thinking I would just throw on some clothes and let him drive to work and then just drive myself home and get back into bed. The problem is just at the top of the stairs as you go down to the door out of our house there are accent mirrors. I got a glimpse of myself in one of them and made a comment that went something like "O Lord is that what I look like?"

My dear loving, Autistic son, who rarely ever speaks said: "That's the problem with having mirrors right before you leave the house, they never lie to you about how you look."

Oh well, I did my best to mash down my hair and hoped we wouldn't run into anyone we knew or have an accident, and we left. Praise God, neither happened and I am home safe. I can shower and make myself look presentable before I have to leave again to pick him up from work in a few hours since I am working from home this morning.

And, the weather report is predicting a rain storm this afternoon so just maybe it will be cooler and less humid for the rest of the week. They say the Lord takes care of fools like me. Thank God for that.


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