Monday, July 04, 2005

Recognizable Signs That it is Independence Day in Indiana

1) Way too hot for a midday parade, and yet they still have one.

2) Overweight men riding very small minibikes in formation.

3) Every Police and Fire Department Vehicle in the County in the Parade.

4) Beanpole, the god of pointless behavior. Each year we are treated to a wonderful display of well pointless behavior in the name of pointless behavior I guess.

5) Politicians interspersed in the parade between Dump Trucks and other Large Construction Vehicles.

6 Very drunk people using very powerful pyrotechnics devices that they bought "legally" here promising they wouldn't shoot them off in this "state" Mistaking "sober" for "Indiana" on the form.

7) Veterans from every War riding in the parade. This year we even had Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq along with all the other wars. This was the one point in the parade that had me all choked up. I was so proud of all the people on the sidelines for unanimously supporting our troops no matter their feelings about the current situation. Freedom isn't free, and these men and women paid with part of their lives. No matter how we feel about the war they fought in, we honor their commitment to our country.


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