Monday, July 25, 2005

6 Odd Things about The Unitarian Universalist Wedding We Attended

1) Not one picture in the entire sanctuary, but a very odd statue of a naked mother and child at the back of the "worship space" that had it not been naked might have been reminiscent of a Madonna.

2) The female minister who wore a green "dress" that Mrangelmeg thought were robes and a stole of many colors with clown tassels on the bottom.

3) The reading which equated marriage to a "journey" in which the couple will learn some of the unfathomable truths about each other, or something like that I had a hard time following it.

4) The Homily, in which the Minister expounded on how if they worked together they would grow in love and their marriage would be strong in the hard times

5) The minister encouraged us to pray for the couple in whatever way our faith tradition would allow us to pray for them

6) Not once in the entire service did the minister or the prayers specifically mention God in any way shaper or form.

This reinforces why I am so glad that I am Catholic. Mrangelmeg and I discussed the discrepancy with our children as we were driving from the Church to the Reception. As Catholics we believe that God is at the Center of a marriage, and everything flows from that.



Christopher Trottier said...

I can't stand Unitarians. There just doesn't seem to be any substance to their beliefs.

angelmeg said...

Too right Christopher. We were looking through their hymn book before the wedding and it appears as though they have "borrowed" what they liked from every faith tradition on the planet. Not one orginal thought in the entire book.

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