Wednesday, April 29, 2009

supporting a daughter's fragile sense of self

Our saintly middle daughter tried to get her learner's permit today. She has waited this long because of her concern about her epilepsy issues (she has only ever had two seizures, the last one was a year ago last February). Her doctor cleared her to get a license if she wanted last fall, but she has really been struggling with confidence and worrying about the epilepsy.

We have been trying to get her to want to drive and hoping that she will be driving by fall, which would make my life so much easier. She could drive herself to class, and possibly even drive her sister since they are taking classes at the same campus. She has been studying the rules of the road book for over a month, but never seemed to be ready to step up and take the test. Part natural shyness, part fear I think.

Anyway, today was her first attempt at the permit test, and she missed one question more than is allowed. She was crushed. I told her that both her brother and sister had to take it more than once, and now that she has seen the questions that they ask she will have some idea of how to study for the next time she takes it tomorrow (I hope).

I wish there was more I could do for her, but realistically all I can do is take her to take the test as often as it takes. I did talk to her a bit about how to take a multiple choice test (eliminating the least likely answers first to cut down the possible choices on the ones you have to guess at).

I really hope she passes it the next time. I don't think she can take another failure.



Suzanne said...

I'll pray for my "hugger." Please tell her I felt exactly the same way and I had to take it over because of one too. Its okay..its really okay. :)

Mimi said...