Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blessed JH?

The Rector of my Gradual School will be over the moon at the report from the Vatican that the way has been cleared for Cardinal John Henry Newman, the esteemed educator and man of letters to be declared Blessed.

You can read the article here.

Fr. Denis quoted JH Newman often in class (which was an amazing feet since the class I was taking was the History of the Early Church, but he managed). I was also lucky enough to be present at a lecture Fr. Denis did on Cardinal Newman and faith formation. It was evident that he was a devotee of the esteemed Cardinal.

I also had a spiritual director a few years before I went to Gradual School that loved Cardinal Newman. He practically had a shrine to Newman in his office.

I have read Newman, both on my own and for classes in Gradual School. While I found his writing to be complicated and very dense. I didn't have much difficulty understanding it after the second time I read it. I had to read Ratzinger three or four times before I understood what he wrote.

Anyway. I am glad this is moving forward. He deserves sainthood eventually and this is all part of the process.


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