Sunday, April 05, 2009

Please Join Us.

My dear friend John, who has battled Multiple Myeloma now for over two years and had been in remission since late last fall has had a setback and is battling Poindexter again. You can follow his battle at the weblog Me and Poindexter.

We have begun a prayer petition to Blessed Pope John XXIII that he might intercede on John's behalf that John might be cured of this illness, but also that there might be a cure found for the disease alltogether so that all who suffer from it might be cured. To that end I have added a picture and petition on my sidebar that links directly to John's blog. Please consider praying with us for a cure to this horrible disease.


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Suzanne said...

angelmeg..please add another John to this. John is the son of the Strombergs and has a brain tumor that has affected his eyesight, movement, and due to medication, his weight is up hugely. He doesn't feel well either. I will let you know if I hear any further. He had an MRI last week. Thank you and your readers, I am sure the family would appreciate all prayers and esp. for a good Easter for all. Thank you again, Lord and Blessed Mother Mary. Amen.