Monday, April 06, 2009

Mystic Monday: Holy Week Edition

Each Holy Week I spend my days in pursuit of a lofty goal; something I wouldn't do on any other normal day. Last year I read a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins each day of Holy Week. The sprung rhythm was a wonderful addition to my contemplation of the days as I moved toward Easter.

This year I have decided to delve more deeply into the poetry of John of the Cross. I am going to attempt to resisit the urge to read the commentary (you might not know this, but John wrote commentary for every line of poetry he wrote.) and just savor the words themselves without explanation.

Here is the stanza I have chosen today from The Spiritual Canticle:

Now I occupy my soul
And all my energy in his service,
I no longer tend the herd
Nor have I any other work
Now that my every act is love.

Without any commentary I believe that I understand this verse. Do any of you, dear children understand the feeling that one's life of work changes dramatically when one encounters He that is Love Personified?


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Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Love fellow manic-depressive Gerard Manley Hopkins