Thursday, April 16, 2009

A New Kinda Pain

So, I have decided that I really need to get serious about getting in shape, and the WiiFit is great but I need a little more incentive to get it in gear.

A really great friend of mine is a member of Curves and she loves it, so I joined two weeks ago. The workout is set up so that you don't have to think about what you are doing, you just do the circuit and you get a total body workout with cardio and stretching in 45 minutes, which is great for me. Besides that, the Curves that I joined is right down the street from the school the angelbaby attends and both of the campuses that make up the Community College where the other girls are taking classes. Not the least bit out of my way. Since I pass by the place almost every day without really going that far out of my way it really is a convenient and helps me stay motivated and showing up.

While I wouldn't say I am enjoying the workouts I haven't had any trouble at all getting there at least five days each week. I am hoping to jump start getting in shape by really working hard to get things going. I have been working with the Curves Smart program this week, which is a computerized tracking system that helps me not slack off on any of the machines on the circuit because it tells me how hard I have to work and how many reps I have to do on each machine each day.

The really nice thing about Curves Smart is that I get immediate feedback after each workout by placing my tag in the computer at my Curves when I am done. The computer tells me how many calories I burned, and how hard I worked each muscle group for that specific workout and then it compares that to the last ten workouts. It shows the percentage of effort I put forth for each muscle group based upon my range of motion that was tested when I started the program (and then each workout it gets a little more strenuous).

I hate to love this new workout regime, or love to hate it I suppose. I enjoy the company of the other women who are there to work out when I go in, and I know that I am getting a well rounded workout and I can tell that I am working very hard every day and that is rewarding. I am hoping to see results very soon. It has only been not quite three weeks after all.



EbethW said...

I've been thinking about it......thinking, thinking.....

We did the the WiiFit, which I like alot.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Sounds like you're doing great. We don't have the smart machines at my Curves. I go a couple times a week and have for several years. I have to listen to Talk Radio on earphones while I work out though. Helps with the boredom if no one is talking. Keep it up!

Mark Cook said...

Good for you. My girls have joined our local "Y" and are loving / hating it. I teach Karate and work out 5 to six times a week. I'm sore all the time. The funny thing is before I worked out I was sore all the time. So at least this soreness is purposeful :)