Friday, April 03, 2009


I leave this afternoon for a short Retreat with the Elect from St. Paul who are completing their journey into full communion at Easter. Our theme this year is:

Your Spiritual Garden

My talk is on Saturday at 12:30 and concerns what to do in times of Drought or Spiritual Dryness. I know what the Holy Spirit wants me to speak about, but every time I try to sit down and type up some notes or set out and outline something comes up and I don't get it done. By now I am skilled enough at retreats to know that I simply have to trust that whatever happens will be what was meant to happen for this group at this retreat, but I would feel a bit less queasy if I could at least have a few notes in front of me.

The way things are going I may be sitting up late tonight trying to get something down on paper. To my credit I do have an ending and a beginning and I am fully aware of how much time I have to fill. so I will just trust that the Holy Spirit is capable of adding the middle of the content, so long as I stay out of the way. Maybe there is something that is going to happen during the talks that come previous to mine that will alter what I need to say.

Right now it is time to get dressed and go get in a workout and get my tire checked out because it keeps losing air. Then shopping for retreat essentials, and packing and taking my daughter to her volunteer job and a bit of clean up around home and getting the kids situated so I can be gone overnight, and then I will be off.

If you get a chance, say a quick prayer for my talk tomorrow. I will appreciate the presence.


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