Sunday, June 22, 2008

Too Achy to Think Kind of Day

So I had a pretty miserable night. My arthritis took a nasty turn on me and every joint hurt all night long. I woke up at 6:30 and took a heavy duty pain killer and then at 8:30 I took a different kind of pain killer that would piggy back with the one I took earlier. By Mass time I was able to at least look as though I could move like I normal human being, but the pain killers were wearing off pretty quickly.

The family went to the movies this afternoon, but I decided it might be a better idea if I stuck close to the medicine chest. The last thing I want to do in my condition is be in a really loud movie theater when my pain meds wear off. Trust me I have been through this before.

So, yesterday I was noodling around on the Project Gutenberg Library site and found The Man Who Was Thursday in MP4 format and downloaded it and transferred it to my IPod. I think today would be an awesome day to have some great Chesterton read to me while I snuggle up in a nice warm bed; a little hot coffee and chocolate on the nightstand right next to my bottle of arthritis medicine.

And maybe, if I feel up to it I can even knit a few rows on the sock I am working on . . . no pressure though.

The trick is knowing your limits and being prepared. Lucky for me we went out and stocked up on Godiva chocolate just the other night!!!


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